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  • 2024 Membership to the Brookfield Show Society for 2 Adults
  • Access to the full 3 days of the 2024 Brookfield Show for up to 2 Adults 3 Children (Under 18 years of age). A child is defined as being under 18 years. If your child is 18 years or over, they aren’t covered by Family Membership and instead must buy an Adult Annual Membership.
  • Additional Children, beyond 3, are $10 each. 
  • Please select number of Adults and Children when ordering.
  • Discounts
    • $1 off  EVERY drink ordered at The Brookfield Bar (Excluding Show period and soft drinks).
    • 10% off at the Brookfield General Store for Coffees & Cafe Food only – exlc. Public Holidays & existing Discounts
    • 10% off rose purchases at Brookfield Rose Farm (based on $2.50 a rose stem) and 25% off rose purchases on the day of member’s birthday (if the Farm is closed on the day of their birthday than the next working day will be considered the birthday).
    • 10% off at Brookfield Hair Studio  
    • 10% off at Etcetera Clothing Store, Kenmore Village
    • 15% off Vaccinations at the Brookfield Veterinary Surgery
    • 5% off Prescription Dog Food at the Brookfield Veterinary Surgery
    • 2 x FREE Hydrobaths per year at the Brookfield Veterinary Surgery
    • 5% off at Brookies Rural Traders (excl. Hay & already Discounted items)
    • 5% off The Little Christmas Co online shop (check Membership Welcome Letter and newsletters for discount code)
    • 5% off Milkmaid Cakes for cake orders and classes (check Membership Welcome Letter and newsletters for discount code)
  • Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting
  • Ability to hire The Brookfield Bar for private functions.


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