Men’s Shed ‘Sign Up’ to the Brookfield Show

The Brookfield Show will unveil new signage at this year’s show courteousy of our friends at Shed West (the Men’s Shed) on Brookfield Road.

Neil Rogers has already designed the street signs and ticket holders for this year’s show can enjoy Viv’s farm animals, Lego Brick Events, the Knock ‘Em Down circus and cruise along Sideshow Alley.

If food is up your street, then Cookery Lane is the place for you.

Visitors can check out Rodeo Drive ahead of Friday night.

Neil Rogers from Shed West told that in creating the new signs the Men’s Shed is a place where local minded people come together and get things done.

“We create noise, dust and occasionally projects,” Mr Rogers said.

The new signs will be on the grounds ahead of this year’s show.

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