Less than two weeks til show-time!

We are counting down the days until the best little Country Show comes alive in Brookfield, May 19-21 2023.

In less than two weeks, the good guys and gals from Rotary, led by Ken, will open all three Gates along Brookfield Rd from 9am each day.

Show-goers can enter from any one of the three gates, with specific queues for those who pre-purchase tickets online in advance and those who are members of Brookfield Show Society (quick entry is a plus!).

Check the map here to get the lay of the land and also view the entertainment program too so you can figure out which day or days you might choose to come along and get your traditional and modern-twist country show fix, right here in the suburbs of Brisbane.

In the meantime, here is a video to get you excited and in the Show mood: YOUTUBE BROOKFIELD SHOW 2023 LINK


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